News about Warner Jepson's Legacy

New show featuring Warner Jepson's creations in LA!
March 30th 2018

Curator Laura Whitcomb
in collaboration with Warner's estate presents
Warner Jepson: A Night of Indeterminacy
- with 4 dancers and 6 sound artists
- Chance Operation The Audience as Curator

at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts:
2225 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90041



New Release of Totentaz Vinyl Record - March 23rd 2018!
Warner Jepson's ground breaking electronic music score
which was the first ever accompanying a ballet.

First-time vinyl reissue since original in 1972.
To be reissued by Superior Viaduct.
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.



Warner Jepson now has a Wikipedia Page!

(We hope to be adding to it soon)


A New York Times article by J. Hoberman Sept.13, 2017
Tangled Bodies and Blown Minds, Complete With the Cockettes
has a reference to Warner Jepson, the composer for 'Luminous Procuress'

The film was presented recently at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan New York

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
has new prints of Steven Arnold’s  (1971) Film:

"Luminous Procuress", after completing preservation,
which features Warner Jepson's soundtrack!

"A lavishly designed series of iconic scenes that meld folk symbology, eroticism, and religious allegory with a soundtrack
of varied musics and language ploys by experimental composer Warner Jepson."

More about this on our video page at

Scene from Luminous Procuress - photo by Ingeborg Gerdes, 1970

Steve Arnold. Photo by Nacio Jan Brown, 1974

Warner Jepson composing 1970


*Luminous Procuress will be shown at Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive April 21st 2017 at 7:30PM

One of the last preservation projects I was involved with while still at the Pacific Film Archive is about to have its premiere. Steven Arnold's Luminous Procuress was made in a warehouse space on17th Street, near Valencia, way back in 1970/1. It's a local artifact well worth revisiting and a true expression of that randy, exploratory, and convention-crushing cultural epoch that still informs this brazen bubble we call the Bay Area. 

     Program Description: A gender-obliterating funfest unleashed by the cantankerous cross-dressing Cockettes, the legendary Luminous Procuress is now restored in an immaculate new print that brazenly recounts the mystical passage of two lissome hippie lads who enter a strange mansion where a magic potion promises glimpses of a transformational realm. Led by the mystical “Procuress” (the ever-sculptural Pandora), the two naïfs are privy to a delirious vision of consciousness unbounded by gender or desire. Created in San Francisco’s Mission District by Steven Arnold, an art outlier of prophetic leanings, Luminous Procuress, an exotic amalgam of outrageous wearable art, oneiric imagery, and erotically charged tableaux, gloriously drags on.

Steve Seid
Video Curator, retired
Pacific Film Archive
Berkeley, CA


Sale of Newly Found Warner Jepson CDs !!
Warner Jepson -Totentanz-And-Other-Electronic-Works-1958-1973

To order please contact


WarnerJepson -Totentanz-


1-1 Bugs At Large 2:43
1-2 Blood Knot 7:27
1-3 Skate Date 0:41
1-4 Laughter After 4:37
1-5 Rirlwa 2:00
1-6 Good Humor Man 2:34
1-7 Jacks 1:36
1-8 Jail Gate Crazy 1:03
1-9 Splace 1:20
1-10 Totentanz 35:05
2-1 The Dog 1:53
2-2 For Trying Out Loud 0:42
2-3 The Big Purr 0:58
2-4 The Awakening 20:03
2-5 See Is Never All The Way Up 24:44

(New) NCET - Torus Gallery - a Retrospective of Warner's works in the 1970's
using the Buchla Box Audio Synthesizer connected to the Templeton Video Mixer

Warner Jepson with Larry Templeton 2009


Warner featured at San Francisco Tape Music Festival
Victoria Theatre - January 6-8 2017


Interview Magizine article features Warner's photographs of Yvonne Rainer



New appreciation of Warner's Music

NE155: An Exclusive Mix By… Alessandro Cortini

July 15, 2014   NEEDLE EXCHANGE

Warner Jepson – The Big Purr / Bugs At Large / Blood Knot
"My friend Mitchell Brown at KXLU released an incredible double CD with a lot of unreleased works by Warner Jepson, a lot of which were done on the Buchla 100. I much prefer Warner’s use of the instrument compared to Morton Subotnick’s. (Mort’s 200 works are my favorite though!) I feel Warner Jepson really pushed the 100 to its limits."
Alessandro Cortini : keyboardist with Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails


Charles Eppley's "Union Pole Mix - July 2014"

Charles Eppley is a sound enthusiast and art historian from Brooklyn, NY  -

10 Warner Jepson - Totentanz

Silent Night: Warner Jepson's "Buchla Christmas" (1969)

"I have published an editorial on the pioneering electronic musician Warner Jepson (1930-2011) at Swingset Magazine. Jepson was an early member of the renowned San Francisco Tape Music Center, and one of the earliest musicians to use the Buchla 100 modular synthesizer. In this piece, I discuss an off-the-cuff recording of Christmas carols made for an annual holiday party at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1969."
Charles Eppley